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ggadmin – July 1, 2009 – 3:30pm

Recent Changes Camp - Geekpower meets global change

We're in the midst of the Recent Changes Camp, a geeky un-conference happening now in Portland. Arthur and I came up in the little RV, and Mike B (one of our great geeks) flew up to join us.

ggadmin – February 3, 2007 – 11:01am

BALLE Conference and pre-conference events happening this summer

I know we've been horrible about updating this blog. 

Arthur and I are on the east coast, having a slightly-impromptu meeting with Eric Harris-Braun of Open Money, Chris Linstrom of The E.F. Schumacher Society, and Cara Taussig and Amy Kirschner of The Burlington Currency Project, all players in creating and supporting localized currencies. In the meeting we've been updating each other on our own projects and having more dialogue on how we can support each other in this work.

mlangston – February 10, 2006 – 1:36pm Spotlighted in Vegetarian Times

The January 2006 issue of Vegetarian Times has an article, "Go for the Green," providing information for consumers about eco-savvy companies. One blurb, Green Rated Products, spotlights the purpose of, a cool company that empowers consumers to choose the companies focused on issues that are important to them. Since I can't find an online link to the article directly, I am recreating it here.

Green-Rated Products - from the Latin alo novo for "nurturing change" - is an online eco-shopping service that's associated with Find a product on Alonovo, and in addition to the description, reviews and price, you'll also see a five-dot rating for the company that produced it. Better still, Alonovo allows you to influence the ratings that products and companies recieve by weighting the values most important to you - Healthy Environment, Business Ethics and so forth. Best of all, you can buy products through Alonovo at Amazon prices - but 20 percent of revenues are sent to a non-profit that you specify. Amazon processes the transaction and ships the goods.

mlangston – December 6, 2005 – 11:33pm