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Here you can view and/or download papers, documents, notes, and presentations regarding currency theory, practice, and specific currency projects.

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Flowspace Brainstorming Worksheet
A worksheet designed to initiate wide-open thinking regarding a community-based currency. Use this to start designing your community's targeted currency.

Map of Currencies Spec Space
This is the beginning of mapping out the currency taxonomy space so that we can move toward a share language and understanding of the options available to us there.  Think of this as the beginning of a diagram of all of the knobs and dials available to us when building and configuring currencies.

~ Visual PDF Layout (you'll probably have to view at around 600%)
~ Collapsable HTML Outline Format
~ Editable Mindmap (requires Freemind)

Multiple Formats
"Hub and Spoke" Model Chart for Regional Currencies
Uses Burlington Currency Project as an example of interconnected targeted currencies to encourage localized economic development and sustainability.
Aqua Bucks: From Problematic Regulation to Practical Rewards
An article published in The Colorado Springs Gazette, July 13, 2005, regarding the Aqua Bucks water banking project.

Health Care Currencies
Designs for a grass roots approach to more affordable and responsible health care as requested by the ACCESS Foundation and WHO.


Money for Michigan Initiative
Contains currencies targeted to various economic issues in the State of Michigan, featuring Cool Cash, a currency involving arts and economic development to support the Governor's "Cool Cities" Project.
Dimensions of Human Incentives
A power point presentation that walks through the layers and dimensions of what motivates people and groups.


Econosphere Introduction
View the power point presentation used to introduce the Econosphere, our open participation business model.
Conference Cash Brochure
View information about the conference currency used at the Future of Money Summit to encourage and track participation.
Plan for a Currency Commons
A plan of how to create a participation system for currency practitioners to share ideas, get feedback and collaborate on projects, all the while using reputation and other currencies to encourage and reward community participation.
The Money Problem: Creating New Wealth to Eradicate Poverty
A paper presented to various UN delegates as part of the Southern NGO Caucus in April of 2004.